Dr. Martin Chaumet

Innovation Manager, Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovation

Dr. Martin Chaumet is an Innovation Manager for the Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovation (Bundesagenturfür Sprunginovation) Sprind GmbH

The Agency aims to foster pioneering research with a wide range of application possibilities. SPRIND is to promote innovations with radically new technologies and a great potential to change the market with new products, services and value chains. The Federal Republic of Germany, represented by the BMBF and BMWi, is the sole shareholder of SPRIND. The Agency will operate initially for a period of ten years. The funding currently planned for this ten-year period is around 1 billion euros.

Philip Hemme, a young French-German biotech entrepreneur, is the co-founder of Labiotech.eu, Europe’s biggest digital media platform for biotech. The company was founded in Berlin in September 2014, five days after he graduated from Boston University and Sup’Biotech Paris with a masters in bioengineering. Philip has been invited to speak at many conferences to share his passion for biotech and entrepreneurship. In his free time, Philip loves German beer just as much as French wine.

Philip Hemme

biotech entrepreneur, Co-founder of Labiotech.eu

Davide De Lucrezia

Managing Director of Doulix

Davide De Lucrezia is the Managing Director of Doulix, the first end-to-end toolkit for synthetic biologists that allows researchers to move seamlessly from design to DNA synthesis. He graduated in 2004 in Biology at the University of Rome “Roma Tre” and received his PhD degree in Biochemistry in 2009. During his academic career, Davide focused on the emergence of life on Earth by attempting to (re)build basic biological functions, like catalysis and replication, from bottom-up through a synthetic biology approach. Since 2012, Davide has been pioneering the translation of synthetic biology paradigms to the industry, from designing programmable protein-based material for in vivo tissue regeneration to engineering synthetic microbial consortia for distributed household wastewater management. He successfully translated basic research into commercial products and cofounded Explora Biotech (Rome, Italy), Aurum Laboratories (Rome, Italy), MS-Medical (Lugano, Switzerland), and Doulix (Venice, Italy). Before Doulix, Davide worked at the LivingTech Lab (Venice, Italy), at the Advanced biotechnology unit of San Raffaele Hospital (Rome, Italy), at the Protein engineering unit at Polyphor (Zurich, Switzerland). He also served on the advisory boards of Biotechgen (Italy), Externautics (Italy), and Portabolomics (UK). Davide co-authored several peer-reviewed papers and books for both specialized and general audience in the space of synthetic biology.

Pia Michel is part of the investment team at BlueYard, a thesis driven early stage venture capital firm based in Berlin. BlueYard invested in a wide variety of companies from untangling software monopolies to decentralising financial markets, solving large planetary challenges or internet infrastructure enabling permissionless innovation. As biology is becoming increasingly engineerable, BlueYard is backing entrepreneurs at the intersection of software, engineering and biology across industries.

With a background in clinical psychology and cognitive neuroscience, Pia left academia to focus on translating research into products and services that improve human and planetary health by transitioning to a bio-based economy.

Pia Michel

investment team at BlueYard

Christiane Woopen

Professor for Ethics and Theory of Medicine at the University of Cologne

Christiane Woopen is Professor for Ethics and Theory of Medicine at the University of Cologne. There she is Executive Director of the University-wide Cologne Center for Ethics, Rights, Economics, and Social Sciences of Health (ceres). At the Faculty of Medicine she heads the Ethics Research Unit and was Vice Dean for Academic Development and Gender until April 2019. As coordinator and leader of national and international research projects, she is concerned with ethical aspects of gene editing and reproductive medicine, quality of life, research on ageing, neuroethics and the range of topics relating to health and society in the digital age. In addition, she is involved in the field of political consultancy, among others as Chairperson of the German Ethics Council (2012-2016), as President of the Global Summit of National Ethics Councils (2014-2016), as a member of the International Bioethics Committee of UNESCO (until 2017), as co-spokesperson of the Data Ethics Committee of the German Government (2018-2019) and, since 2017, as Chairperson of the European Ethics Council (EGE). Woopen is a member of the Academia Europaea and was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit 1st Class.

Marion Jung studied Biology at LMU Munich. She spent a lengthy period of time working for a venture capital firm, and has now been running ChromoTek since 2011. This company specialises in nano-antibodies used in biomedical research, diagnosis and treatment. Dr Jung sits on various committees relating to start-ups and is a member of the Federal Government’s Innovation Dialogue.

Marion Jung

Member, Hightech-Forum and CEO of ChromoTek GmbH

Malte Siebert

BASF headquarters staff office

Malte Siebert graduated in Biochemistry from the University of Heidelberg. After working for a bioinformatics start-up he joined BASF as a bioinformatician in the agricultural sector. Later on, he held several positions in BASFs innovation management and is currently part of the headquarters staff office . On behalf of BASF CEO and Hightech-Forum Member Dr. Brudermüller, he supports the Hightech-Forum consultations on “BioIT Innovations”.

Nicolas Krink, is a Postdoc in the field of Synthetic Biology and one of the founders of GASB. He aims to accelerate the development of synthetic biology by supporting the community to collaborate and to have a united voice.

Nicolas Krink